Technology just left you in the dust, creating new risks and needs.


Are you protected from these new risks?

In an ever changing world, technology evolves faster than most people and companies can keep up with. Many times your current solutions not only become outdated, but create a large security risk for both you and your customers.

This doesn’t have to happen. Let Dark Eagle Security work with you to provide protection from the unknowns in the darkness and the things that go bump in the night. We keep up with the latest developments to ensure we can be the best protection between the threats and your business.

With a focus on hardware, software and proactive management, let us aggressively and proactively address your IT and security needs.

Learn more from our service offerings below. If there is something you need and don’t see it, just ask and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

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IT Assessments

Before deploying solutions and new hardware, Dark Eagle Security recommends a full IT Assessment of your current software and hardware. Through this assessment, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses. Our assessment can be focused or comprehensive but generally covers the following areas:

  • Network, Internet and Intranet: architecture, firewalls, routers, policies and rule sets, intrusion detection and preventions
  • Servers & Desktops: security & monitoring, anti-virus systems, File Integrity Monitoring, SIEM, Data Loss, Host Intrusion Prevention and user accounts and access rights
  • Event logging: security and errors
  • Back up systems and recovery plans
  • Physical Security measures
  • Disaster recovery policies and so much more

From this information, we can help formulate a plan of attack and your recommended IT Deployment strategy.

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IT Deployment

Laying the right foundation requires the right planning and materials. In a hypercompetitive world this only becomes that much more critical.

With Dark Eagle Security’s unique experiences and vendor partnerships, we can create a custom solution for your business’ unique needs. From desktops and servers all the way to tablets and other mobile devices, we can ensure you have the right pieces in place.

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Remediation Services

Most companies simply identify your issues. Dark Eagle Security provides comprehensive services that start with identification of the issue, developing a plan of attack and then remediating the issue.

We understand how critical remediation is and we will fix it so that it does not happen again, walking you through the whole process.

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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

Your security system is only effective if it works. Have you fully tested the system to ensure it holds up?

You wouldn’t sell a product without first testing it. Why would you do any less with your IT security systems?

Penetration Testing is a perfect solution; we will simulate an attack on your system(s) to identify any weaknesses or issues. By doing this in a controlled environment we can identify and then remediate any issues without risking any of your precious data.

Vulnerability Scanning goes a step further to identify all of your operating systems and their software to identify any possible vulnerabilities with deployed software within the environment. We then proceed to patch and continue to proactively monitor your systems.

Dark Eagle Security offers both internal and external testing. For more information, contact us today.

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Risk Management

Risk management is the identification and understanding of the existing variables. This allows for optimal planning and management to control the probability of an unfortunate event.

While often looked at as a one time process, we believe this needs to be an ongoing analysis that constantly evaluates and reevaluates your systems to address the ever changing threat landscape.

Understanding and assessing risk is one of the most important ways you can improve information security decisions. Because it’s both impossible and costly to effective to eliminate all the risk associated with your IT systems, implementing a risk management program focuses your limited resources where they can provide the greatest level of risk reduction.

We suggest that you perform a comprehensive risk management assessment at least once per year.
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Managed Services

Managed = proactive solutions.

Lets us deal with your IT so you can focus on running your business.

From small to large businesses our managed solutions will save you time and money. We can manage and monitor each and every aspect of your systems from emails to firewalls, IDS/IPS to VPN, Data Loss Prevention, File Integrity Monitoring, Encryption, Anti-Virus, Host Intrusion Prevention, and Application Whitelisting.

Let us be your guardian from the dark and protect you from both the headache and the risks.

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